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Our fundraising program is simple and effective. There are two ways your group can sell Fun Pasta:

  • Brochure Sales + Online Sales: Your participants will sell from a colorful brochure and also with an online link described below. Here’s how brochure sales work:
    1) Money will be collected up front by your participants and you will deposit it into your group’s account.
    2) Using their order forms, you will enter your participants’ orders and place your brochure master order through your leader dashboard.
    3) After the net amount owed to us is received, your order will be delivered to your organization for distribution. For brochure master orders over $4,000, your group will keep 50% profit and for brochure master orders less than $4,000 your group will keep 40% profit.
    4) Your online account stays open until the month after you turn in your master brochure order. Example: If you turn in your order sometime in March, your online account will close April 30th. A check for 40% of all cyber sales will be sent to you one week after closing.
  • Online Sales Only: Out-of-town family and friends can place orders from our website…and your group gets the credit!
    1) Online customers pay to have their order delivered directly to their doorstep. Your group earns 40% (before shipping) of all online sales.
    2) All online orders over $75 get free shipping!
    3) Please email us when you are ready to close your account. Profit checks are cut at the end of each month and please allow at least two weeks for your profit check to be processed and mailed.

Two ways to reach your customers means more sales…and more profit for your group! There’s a fun pasta shape for everyone!

Fundraising Program Timeline

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Delivery Timeframe

We will ship your order within 2-3 days from when we CONFIRM receipt of your Order and Payment. Click here to estimate your Fedex Ground Delivery Time. (Please note this may take longer during the peak season between September and December.)