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The Fun Pasta Fundraising Team

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You’ll often see the President of Fun Pasta Fundraising lightly dusted with semolina flour, just the way he likes it. John is hands on in all stages of our pasta manufacturing, as well as constantly canoodling a solid direction for the company. John’s pasta adventure began when he married Carey in 1992 and they decided noodles were a delicious direction for their life together. Over the next 17 years, his role would grow from businessman, to father of two boys, to Head Noodle, leader of his pasta team. The rest of the time pie includes business organizations, Nashville Chamber, leading a trade mission to China, coaching his boys’ sports teams, and working to give back to the community. Golf? It’s only a pasta shape for now.

Favorite way to eat pasta: Any Fun Pasta with a garden fresh pesto…Yum!



If it’s not tied down, Carey’s in charge of it. From Product Development to Marketing, Administration and all things computer, Carey’s got 15 plates in the air…all full of pasta. She and John went from nuptials in 1992 to noodles in 1994. Their business baby was eventually followed by two beautiful baby boys, who now keep Carey running from one school or sporting event to the next. Carey grew up in Nashville, so growing the business in her hometown is a dream – she’s close to family, friends and the familiar. And always a kitchen! Carey’s a gourmet cook whose favorite ingredients are good friends and big laughs. (and pasta, of course.)

Favorite way to eat pasta: Everyday! With a homemade Bolognese sauce, tossed with shellfish in white wine sauce, or in a pinch, just butter and Parmesan.



Somewhere between two video screens, a headset, cell phone, desk phone, computer, fax, printer and piles of files…you’ll find Joann, our Sales Manager. She’s our Pasta Pioneer, with us for 14 of our 15 years in business. Jo’s depth of knowledge about our company is invaluable - there’s practically nothing she doesn’t know, except how she’ll fit in lunch. (She hasn’t missed one yet.) We love having Jo on the front lines - you’ll love talking with her on the phone lines. But, listen, don’t get her started on Tennessee sports teams unless you’ve got a while…

Favorite way to eat pasta: Tailgate Salad with apples and grapes. It rocks and is so easy!



This guy is a whirling dervish in a hair net. Ivica manages the production of our entire manufacturing plant. Making fun pasta involves a relentless series of steps with no room for error – everyone and everything is in constant motion. So is Ivica. For 14 years, he’s managed man and machine with a smile and an unmatched work ethic. You’d think the guy would take a break from machinery, but his hobby is cars. What do we care? We just always want to see his car in our parking lot.

Favorite way to eat pasta: Sauce it up and always add meatballs.



Erika’s office is anywhere there’s pasta. As Supervisor, she’s busy with every aspect of pasta packaging to shipping your products. Approaching nearly a decade with our company, Erika knows exactly where all of our 300 Fun Pasta shapes live in the warehouse. You know she’s partial to our dog paws, with two pets of her own, Dolly and Pee Wee. When she’s not wrangling pasta, Erika’s relaxing at the movies or diving into a good book.

Favorite way to eat pasta: With chicken and cheese!



What do Italy, Bosnia and Nashville have in common? Dubi. For the past 14 years, customers who call our company have had the pleasure of speaking with Dubi, rhymes with Ruby. She truly is a gem and knows how to care for our customers with a big brain and huge heart. She’s married to Ivica, and together they’ve raised a beautiful daughter and also share surviving and thriving after the challenging war-torn years of their beloved Bosnia. Dubi loves to cook, read…and boy, has she got a great laugh.

Favorite way to eat pasta: All ways!