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We are excited to be partnering with FUN PASTA FUNDRAISING! Shop now and order some creative, delicious pasta goodies. It's simple, and you'll love the selection - great for any special occasion or just for yourself!

With each sale, our group earns 40% which helps us reach our fundraising goal.

Plus you get FREE shipping over $50!

Thanks for your help! Your order will be shipped from Nashville, TN within 3-5 days.

Recent Sales & Noodle Notes

Date Customer Amount Supporting Notes
06/21/2018 Pat Nelson (Madelia WT) $96.00 The Whole Group
07/05/2018 Brenda Sather $104.00 The Whole Group Appreciate the hard work for those people working on this. Pasta makes fun gifts and helps support a great organization.
07/11/2018 Jo Jo $56.50 The Whole Group Thanks for having the Fun Pasta fundraiser again. I love this stuff. Makes great gifts. Jo Jo
07/24/2018 Angie Dreher $50.00 The Whole Group So glad we can do this fundraiser. They make great gifts for the holidays or for auction baskets.
07/25/2018 Liz Weigel $29.00 The Whole Group Area 1 District 2 Lake of the Woods
07/27/2018 Shellie Matthes $55.50 The Whole Group Great way to support MNWT and purchase some fun pasta and a couple of gift sets!!
08/11/2018 Shirley Viesselman $65.00 The Whole Group Hutchinson
08/22/2018 Tevyan Sorensen $233.50 The Whole Group Burnsville Women of Today love their pasta :-)
08/30/2018 Kristy Kjos $16.00 The Whole Group