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Hauser PTO Riverside, Illinois

We are excited to be partnering with FUN PASTA FUNDRAISING! Shop now and order some creative, delicious pasta goodies. It's simple, and you'll love the selection - great for any special occasion or just for yourself!

With each sale, our group earns 40% which helps us reach our fundraising goal.

Plus you get FREE shipping over $50!

Thanks for your help! Your order will be shipped from Nashville, TN within 3-5 days.

Recent Sales & Noodle Notes

Date Customer Amount Supporting Notes
10/01/2018 Lisa Swicionis $31.00 The Whole Group test
10/04/2018 Tracy Stanard $54.00 The Whole Group
10/05/2018 Karina Koncius $74.50 Lisa Swicionis Love this fundraising idea!
10/07/2018 Debbie Kummer $136.00 The Whole Group
10/08/2018 Jennifer Buckley $20.00 The Whole Group
10/08/2018 Sara $33.00 Lisa Swicionis Have fun!
10/09/2018 Lora Gardiner $54.50 The Whole Group
10/09/2018 Senia Johnson - Grade 6 $22.00 The Whole Group
10/10/2018 Marilyn Johnson $63.00 The Whole Group
10/11/2018 Joseph Sharp $59.00 The Whole Group
10/11/2018 Carol Barlow $16.00 The Whole Group
10/11/2018 Carissa Coen $53.50 The Whole Group
10/11/2018 Susie Travers $27.50 The Whole Group SUPPORTING LEXI MANCHEN
10/12/2018 Lisa Hennelly $32.50 The Whole Group
10/12/2018 Jennifer Tudor $115.00 The Whole Group Good luck on your fundraising Senia J!!
10/15/2018 Lisa Gaynor $45.00 The Whole Group