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Greyhound Companions of Missouri St. Louis Missouri

Wow!! Over halfway to our goal with 17 days to go!

Thank you all who have placed orders - we so appreciate your generosity!! ♥♥♥

Greyhound Companions of Missouri is excited to be partnering with FUN PASTA FUNDRAISING! Do your Holiday Shopping and help support GCMO at the same time! Shop now and order some creative, delicious pasta goodies. So many choices for holiday gift giving, someone suggested the pasta would make great "Rob Your Neighbor" gifts at holiday parties! It's simple, and you'll love the selection - great for any special occasion or just for yourself!

Thank you to everyone who has ordered so far! Still lots of time left! You can order until November 30th!!

With each sale, our group earns 40% which helps us reach our fundraising goal.

Plus you get FREE shipping over $50!

Thanks for your help! Your order will be shipped from Nashville, TN within 3-5 days.

Recent Sales & Noodle Notes

Date Customer Amount Supporting Notes
10/24/2018 troy tusing $44.00 -- houndies and humans alike love pasta.... so... why not . get on board
10/25/2018 Carol Schipae $52.00 -- This pasta looks fun!
10/25/2018 Donna Sander $51.50 --
10/25/2018 Anne Bolhofner $70.50 -- Cute fundraising idea!! These look yummy and will make great gifts too!
10/26/2018 Linda Burkhardt $50.00 --
10/28/2018 Theresa Fischer $30.50 --
10/31/2018 Jennifer Bondurant $16.00 -- Good luck with your fundraiser!!
11/01/2018 Donna Sander $50.00 --
11/02/2018 Julie Reinbold $36.00 --
11/04/2018 Lisa Will $53.50 -- Stocking up!
11/05/2018 Katharine Hunt $22.50 --
11/05/2018 Connie Denkmann $52.00 --
11/06/2018 Kathy Scott $21.00 --
11/08/2018 Ronda Cumberland $56.00 --
11/08/2018 Mary Reid $52.50 -- Keep up the great work with our cutie patootie greyhound angels!
11/08/2018 Kristine Swenson $94.50 --
11/08/2018 Amy Grbcich $72.00 -- Pasta and retired racing greyhounds... a winning combination! What a fun way to support GCMO!
11/10/2018 Jennifer Love $117.00 -- Thank you for the greyt and fun selection of pasta, and thank you GCMO for all that you do.
11/10/2018 Nancy Jean Giannasi $497.00 -- I always want to give gifts that support a charity. I am so proud to be supporting Greyhound Companions. I am the proud mommy of 2 rescued greyhounds and I wish I could adopt more. I hope my purchase makes a difference for this amazing groups and gets greyt greyhounds into loving and caring homes. Peace,love, harmony and balance! Nancy Giannasi-proud mommy of Gus and Annie.
11/10/2018 Deb Hennen $25.50 --
11/11/2018 Kathryn Reid $52.50 -- So thankful for all that you do! Can’t wait to welcome my new best friend home soon.
11/11/2018 Judy Ellermann $87.00 --
11/13/2018 Amanda Cox $13.00 -- Sending my love to the Greyhounds!
11/13/2018 Bob & Kathryn Diak $69.00 -- Great fundraiser! Family will be surprised when this shows up in their stockings!
11/13/2018 Jerri Schipae $62.50 -- Sounds like a fun thing and it will make nice gifts!
11/14/2018 Roxanne Radunzel $41.00 -- These will make great fun gifts.
11/14/2018 Molly Sumner $109.00 -- perfect pasta for presents!