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Auburn Career Center Teaching Professions Pathway Concord Twp., Ohio

Our Teaching Professions Pathway classes are excited to be partnering with FUN PASTA FUNDRAISING! We hope to sell $3000 worth of pasta/pasta products so that we can fund our Educators Rising competitions and trips, as well as college visits and other educational field trips to enhance our curriculum. Any purchase small or large is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use.

Shop now and order some creative, delicious pasta goodies. It's simple, and you'll love the selection - great for upcoming holiday gifts or just for yourself!

With each sale, our group earns 40% which helps us reach our fundraising goal.

Plus you get FREE shipping over $55!

Thanks for your help! Your order will be shipped from Nashville, TN within 3-5 days.

Recent Sales & Noodle Notes

Date Customer Amount Supporting Notes
11/01/2019 Megan $71.00 The Whole Group Good luck guys ! Supporting you all the way ! :)
11/01/2019 Angie Schwin $60.00 Jessica Schwin Happy to support you!
11/01/2019 Barbara Kurtz $24.00 The Whole Group Good luck on your fundraising.
11/01/2019 Michelle Byram $55.00 The Whole Group
11/01/2019 The Wittmann Family $61.00 The Whole Group Thank you for all you do at TLC!
11/01/2019 Hannah Fairbanks $137.50 The Whole Group This is a great fundraiser! Good Luck everyone! Mrs. Fairbanks-LEC and Advisory Board Member
11/01/2019 Melissa Podmore $56.50 Grace Baluch Good Luck!!!!
11/01/2019 Sherry Williamson $119.00 The Whole Group Good luck on your fundraising
11/01/2019 Coach Green $59.50 Ben Wasson So proud of you Ben. I hope many blessing follow you always!
11/01/2019 Mary Kay kemper $67.00 The Whole Group
11/01/2019 Beth Cueni $26.00 The Whole Group
11/01/2019 Cindy Coin $32.00 The Whole Group Good Luck meeting your goal!
11/01/2019 Lisa Baluch $58.00 Grace Baluch Great fundraiser, good luck!
11/02/2019 Nana banana $56.00 Lexi Boyd ❤️
11/02/2019 Patty Vandrak $96.00 Deborah Dimora Love you Deborah!! Have a great senior year!!
11/02/2019 Terri Snyder $29.00 Grace Baluch Lacrosse pasta! How can I resist!
11/03/2019 dawn musarra $30.50 Lexi Boyd
11/04/2019 mom dad and grandma $69.00 Deborah Dimora GOOD LUCK TO YOUR TPP CLASS. WE HOPE YOU REACH YOUR GOAL! CANT WAIT TO TRY THIS FUN PASTA!!
11/04/2019 Laurel Anderson $55.00 Taylor Anderson Good Luck! I love you!
11/04/2019 Katie Detwiler $14.50 Jessica Schwin Best of luck, Jessie!
11/05/2019 TOM WELK $32.00 The Whole Group
11/05/2019 concetta r flauto $56.00 Jessica Schwin Good luck in meeting your goal.
11/06/2019 Christina $68.00 The Whole Group
11/06/2019 Kemper $14.50 Savannah Johnson Fun fundraising idea! I hope you meet your goal :)
11/07/2019 Dorothy E Bentley $102.00 The Whole Group
11/07/2019 Dee $53.50 Jane Metrisin Hope this helps your students get to Nationals!
11/07/2019 Dr. Bontempo $6.50 The Whole Group Good luck to everyone!
11/09/2019 John and Debbi Roelandts $56.00 Rileigh Neal What a great fundraising. Looking forward to receiving our pasta.
11/10/2019 Lori Phillips $40.00 The Whole Group
11/10/2019 Alisa Pistone $58.00 Deborah Dimora Best of Luck on your sale Deborah and all you do for your future to be a success. We love you!! Can't wait to try all of these!!
11/11/2019 Deline Rickrode $61.00 Grace Baluch
11/14/2019 JoAnn Podany $60.00 The Whole Group Great Idea!! Good luck on your sale.
11/15/2019 Susan Osborne $19.50 Savannah Johnson Hope you make your goal guys!!
11/16/2019 Mrs. Metrisin $66.00 The Whole Group Keep Sharing- it really helps!
11/17/2019 Sandra Webber $22.50 The Whole Group Best wishes for meeting your goal!
11/17/2019 Terrianne Dill $14.50 Savannah Johnson Good luck!
11/18/2019 Jennifer Griffin $24.00 Savannah Johnson You go girl!
11/19/2019 :) $138.00 The Whole Group
11/19/2019 Sharon Zeiger $61.00 The Whole Group You're all exceptional!
11/19/2019 Josh Pentek $21.00 The Whole Group
11/20/2019 Funke Hair salon $117.50 Deborah Dimora Good luck meeting your goal Deborah and fellow students!!