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Gymnastics Fundraising

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Gymnastics teams often need to fundraise in order to get the funds that they need to attend special events, buy new equipment, and travel for various meets. When you are searching for fundraising ideas for schools or gyms, the answer is always pasta! We offer fun pasta products that are sure to be a big hit for your gymnastics team.

All of the gymnasts will be able to sell our fun pasta products to their friends and family. Parents can help by selling our fundraising products to co-workers, neighbors, and even others within the community. And with our online sales option, you can bring your gymnastics fundraisers to a wider audience that includes your friends, family and supporters across the country.

Fundraise for Any Purpose

You can use a pasta fundraiser as a way to raise funds for any occasion. Whether you use the money to buy new uniforms, a new balance beam or even to be able to go to a competition that is on the other side of the state (or country), we make it easy to sell our fundraising products either online or in person.

A number of gymnastics teams have had great success with Fun Pasta Fundraising. Many sellers will sell over $200 per seller! This can add up to some serious funds that your gymnastics team can use.

Sell a Product that People Love

Pasta is a versatile food that can be used with meatballs, in soups, to create pasta salads, and so much more. Everyone from single people to families love pasta because it is easy to cook and can be served in many different ways.

Rather than donate cash, most people would like to get something for their money. We offer so many types of pasta and kits to choose from, your supporters will want to stock up and buy some of our products as gifts!


We offer fun family meals such as chili or mac n’ cheese. Our gourmet gift boxes look good enough to impress any recipient but make for a great dinner, too. This includes pasta, pasta sauce, and even a box of cookies. And of course we offer Pasta with Personality -- pasta that comes in a huge variety of fun shapes, sports team mascots and colors, seasonal and holiday themes, and more!


Plus, you can let people place their orders online. This means it can be as simple as sharing a link online and letting people get what they want.

Great Fundraising Ideas for Gymnastics or Any Sport

One of the reasons why this is such a popular fundraiser is because it can be used for every sport out there. Consider how fun it can be for everyone to buy the pasta that they love.

Gymnasts will love the pasta that is specially shaped to look like gymnast-themed items. Then, hockey players can enjoy “slapshot” pasta while tennis players will enjoy racquet-shaped pasta. Sports fans will love to serve team-related pasta at their next tailgate party. There’s something for everyone!

The best part about being able to have pasta for every sport is that it’s not something people will grow tired of. According to the National Pasta Association, 2.7 million tons of pasta is consumed in the United States every year. That’s a whole lot of pasta!

The Profits You Can Earn

Fundraising for a gymnasium or for gymnasts can be easier than you think. Forget about trying to sell a bunch of things that people don’t need: Pasta is fun and delicious, and easy enough for almost anyone to prepare.

You will have a brochure that you can show everyone. You can also sell online, making it that much easier to collect sales. After all, when you can’t reach everyone in person, you can direct the rest to our website to place their order.

The more you sell, the more you will make. Your brochure sales can earn you as much as a 50% profit margin. Plus, everyone who is selling can earn bonus cash prizes on total gross sales.

We offer a quick and easy gymnastics fundraising program that sets you up for success. The easier you make it for everyone, the more participation you will be able to get, and the more sales!

Don’t waste your time with fundraisers that involve selling things that people don’t want. Food-based fundraisers are always popular and we’re excited to show off some incredible products that people will drool over. Contact us today to sign up or request more info.

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Matrix Gymnastics had

86% participation

and averaged $209 per seller!


Gymnastics Factory had

37 members

sell an average of 16 items!


Reflex Gymnastics sold over


with 27% Online orders!