Fundraising ideas for your football team

Football Fundraising

Score BIG with Fun Pasta

Football Fundraising Ideas that Really Work

When you need to raise money for your high school or junior high football team, there are many ways to do so. Fundraising dinners, fantasy football donations, selling coupon books or candy bars -- these are all tried and true fundraising activities. However, if you want to raise the maximum amount of money for your youth sports team and also get out-of-town friends and family members involved, Fun Pasta Fundraising is the ideal choice for your next campaign!

Profitable Football Fundraising Ideas for Your Football Team

Selling items to friends, neighbors, family members and the team members’ parents’ coworkers has been a part of football team fundraising just about as long as there have been football teams that needed to raise money for new uniforms, sports equipment or team trips. We help you do this a little differently by offering new and unique fundraising products.


Our pasta products come in fun shapes and colors, such as the mascot and team colors of your favorite sports team. These pasta products will be a hit at any sports fan’s next tailgate party or game night party! We also have pasta shapes for fans of basketball, baseball, golf, gymnastics, cheerleading and other sports and activities.


We have plenty of fundraising products for people who aren’t sports fans, as well, so there’s something to appeal to everyone. Our pasta shapes include Princess Pasta, Pink Ribbon Pasta for breast cancer awareness, Happy Birthday Pasta, Dog Lovers Pasta and more. Our “Fun Family Meals” collection also appeals to busy parents, with meal kits such as mac n’ cheese and noodle soups -- all with our signature fun pasta shapes.

Boost Your Team’s Profits with Fundraising Products that Work

Many football teams that have used our products for fundraising campaigns have loved how easy we make it to track orders, keep up with how many sales each team member made, and sell to friends and family in other parts of the country.


Spreading the word about football fundraising efforts can also help greatly. It can be a terrific strategy to talk to your neighbors and coworkers about the fundraising campaign and how they can take part. The more people participate in your fundraising campaign, the better the overall outcome should be.

Benefits of Fundraising -- For Kids and Adults

Not only can fundraising help your football team financially, but it can be great for the people who take part in the campaign. Being part of a fundraiser can:

  • Bring you closer to the other people who are involved with the team, such as fellow parents or team members

  • Give you a feeling of accomplishment as you see your football team fundraiser reach its goals

  • Provide you with a way to serve and give back to your school or community


Raising funds for their football team can also provide invaluable life lessons for the kids who take part. They can learn about how fundraising works, learn how to approach people for sales or donations, and understand the importance of working toward a goal -- followed by the satisfaction of reaching that goal. New uniforms or a fun trip mean more when the team members also have that sense of accomplishment from reaching their football fundraising goal!


Fun Pasta Fundraising makes it easy to conduct a successful football team fundraising campaign, with tasty products that sell themselves and are made in the USA. Contact us today to get your team’s fundraising campaign started!



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Fifth Quarter Club sold an

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