Fundraising ideas for Elementary school & Middle School

Fundraising for Elementary & Middle School

Makes for Great Fundraising Ideas

Not all schools are lucky enough to have the supplies that they need for the smooth running of their academic programs. Even in the schools where the funds are sufficient to run the regular academics, there will always be some special programs, clubs and teams which aren’t fully funded by the school’s budget -- making it necessary to raise funds from other sources.

Organizing a middle school fundraiser and succeeding at hitting the money target is not easy. It’s important to be creative with the ideas you choose for fundraising because the right fundraising products can help you make more sales and also get kids and their parents more excited about participating.

There are a lot of reasons why Fun Pasta Fundraising is one of the best ways to raise funds for your elementary or middle school:

  • It’s a newer and more exciting fundraising idea, and a nice change from selling things like magazine subscriptions.

  • Everyone loves pasta! It appeals to families as well as single people. Parents and kids both find our products easy to sell, quickly putting your fundraising goals within reach.

  • Our pasta fundraising products are easy to store and won’t melt like chocolate bars or candy. That’s an important factor in planning any elementary or middle school fundraiser!

  • We offer both catalog and online fundraising options, so it’s easy to involve friends, family, alumni and other supporters across the country in raising money for your school.

  • Our Everyday Gourmet and Great Gift sets also make excellent gifts for holidays or any occasion. People enjoy being able to stock up on gifts that are sure to be appreciated while they also support your school.

  • To put it plainly, Fun Pasta Fundraising campaigns work! Our Success Stories and the real-life examples on this page show how elementary and middle schools have used our products to reach and surpass their fundraising goals.


It’s easy to sell a product you really believe in, and our whimsical pasta products are a healthy choice that everyone in your school or organization can get behind.

Fun Pasta Fundraising Products with Wide Appeal

At Fun Pasta Fundraising, we’ve designed our product lines to include something for just about every interest and taste. Sports fans love our pasta shaped like footballs, baseballs, tennis balls and more, as well as our pasta that comes in the colors of their favorite teams (great for tailgate parties!). We have Pasta with Personality® products designed especially for dog lovers, cat lovers, hunters, runners, cyclists, princesses and more. Our Pasta with Personality® line of fundraising products also includes seasonal and holiday pastas.


Besides fun pasta shapes, we also carry Fun Family Meal kits like chili, mac n’ cheese, noodle soups and more -- all with our fun pasta shapes and delicious sauces and spices. Everyone enjoys having meal kits in the pantry for those busy nights when you need something easy and delicious to serve for dinner!

Middle School and Elementary School Fundraising Made Easy

Our pasta sales are one of the best fundraising ideas on the market, both because of the quality of our products and because they are so easy to sell. After all, the success of any sale or fundraising campaign depends on how well you are able to create interest. With pasta shaped like pirates, flamingoes, cats and dogs, and much more, we have no problem putting the “fun” in fundraising! Contact us today for more information or to sign up and get started with your best school fundraising idea yet.


Fun facts that earn an A+.

Quest Elementary sold


items with our Brochure!

Jennie Moore Elementary sold

27% of sales

online – surpassing their goal of $20,000!

Guntersville PTSO had

23% participation

rate with an average sale of $110 per person!