Baseball and softball fundraising ideas

Baseball & Softball Fundraising

Fun Pasta Fundraising hits a home run

Obtaining enough financial support to sustain a youth sports organization is a challenge, and one that has overwhelmed more than a few parents, coaches, teachers and even professional fundraisers. Getting the right amount of funds raised in a certain amount of time is often the key issue. When the clock is ticking, it can be difficult for those in charge to come up with creative ideas for kids, let alone fundraising event ideas. Long-term solutions aren't practical on a short-term budget.

Lack of sufficient ready cash can spell the end of the road for sports teams and leagues. That’s why an affordable source of easy fundraising is so important. Fun Pasta Fundraising can help you raise money for your baseball or softball team in a fun and easy way.

How Can Fun Pasta Fundraising Help with Your Baseball Team’s Fundraising?

One key to good fundraising is to keep the campaign as close to your core sport as possible. It's always best if you can involve the community and keep people engaged by demonstrating the benefits your league has for its members, their families, your school or other sponsoring organization, and the neighborhood you serve. Many baseball and softball teams have found success selling our Baseball Pasta, which has fun shapes of baseballs, bats and gloves.


Or you might want to go for a broader appeal and offer additional types of pasta as part of your fundraiser. Our fundraising company is easy to work with and offers pasta products related to:

  • Specific sports teams (complete with pasta to match!)

  • Bicycles

  • Running

  • Tennis

  • Hunting

  • Holidays like Christmas and the Fourth of July

  • Fun shapes and animals, including cats, pirates, flamingoes, turkeys and more!


In addition, we offer gift sets and gift boxes such as our Angel Hair Pasta with Pastably the Best Sauce Ever Set and our Holiday Meals Gift Box (complete with snowman-shaped pasta). Our products appeal to customers because they can use them at tailgate parties, give them as gifts, or just enjoy easy and wholesome meals with the family.

Benefits of Working with Our Fundraising Company

Our pasta fundraising products are healthy and appeal to all kinds of people. For your baseball or softball team, there are several advantages that come with using Fun Pasta Fundraising products in your next fundraising campaign:

  • Our products are affordable, easy to carry, and easy to store.

  • Kids and parents are excited about selling our products because they are unique and an easy sell. As we’ve seen, that often translates into a high rate of participation.

  • You can enjoy profits from online sales as well as in-person sales, making it easier for out-of-town family and friends to participate and help out with your fundraiser.

  • You can earn Bonus Cash Prizes based on your total gross sales, which provides extra incentive for your team to participate!

  • Our Success Stories page can give you more ideas of how other groups have used our fun, affordable fundraising products in wildly successful campaigns!


In addition to our Pasta with Personality® that features whimsical pasta shapes, we also offer fun family meals such as Classic Chili, Chicken Noodle Soup (featuring chicken-shaped pasta), Down on the Farm Mac ‘n Cheese, and many more. People enjoy buying these products to use for their own family as much as they enjoy giving them as gifts or serving them up at parties, so there is plenty of sales potential.


Forget about coupon books and the same old, same old chocolate bars. Contact us today for fun, flexible fundraising ideas that really work!

Fun facts everyone can get excited about!


Homerun Softball

sold $7705

with 24% of sales Online!


Hartford Select Baseball had

68% participation

and sold over $8300!


Centralia Fastpitch sold

over $3800

with 62 sellers!