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How To Make Fundraising For A High School Band Easy And Profitable

High school and middle school bands are notoriously underfunded. With many other programs vying for funds, it is difficult for schools to raise money for equipment, travel, and general funding. This means that many bands have to turn to fundraising to meet their needs and ensure that the band members get the best possible experience.


It can be difficult to balance teaching time and fundraising time because it is important to make sure that students are actually learning music as well as raising money for their activities and supplies. High school band fundraisers that are the most successful are those that include an innovative and affordable fundraising idea, allow the kids to optimize their time, and involve a fundraising company that is easy to work with.


Fortunately, Fun Pasta Fundraising incorporates all of the above, with products that are as fun as our name implies!

Fund Raising Ideas for High School and Middle School Bands

There are a number of ways to accomplish band fundraising goals. One way to is to optimize the talents of a band. This can involve putting on concerts while charging admission, selling recordings, and getting paid to play at private events. These events are a good way for a band to raise money as well as awareness and gain more community support.

However, it can be difficult for a middle school or high school band to raise money by playing music, both because performances are often part of a football game or because it’s difficult to find a time when everyone is available. After all, students often have a lot of extracurricular activities as well as after-school jobs and other responsibilities.


Many bands sell fundraising products to help raise money for equipment or travel expenses, but products like magazine subscriptions and the same old, same old chocolate bars can be a hard sell. It’s important to find a product that gets a majority of your band members and their families engaged and excited to participate.

That’s why a professional fundraising company like Fun Pasta Fundraising can help your middle school or high school band raise the funds it needs with a minimum of hassle! Our products are healthy but fun and popular, requiring little effort on behalf of the students to raise money. As our Success Stories show, many organizations including bands have met their fundraising goals easily selling our products.

Benefits of Using A Fund Raising Company

It is important to select a fundraising idea that requires the students and instructors to do as little work as possible. It can be difficult to motivate students when they are already busy with schoolwork and their other activities. Band Boosters are often enthusiastic enough, but may not have a lot of real-world experience with fundraising. In addition, instructors need to put their energy into teaching students instead of planning and coordinating fundraising campaigns from scratch!


Working with Fun Pasta Fundraising allows your school, your band and its supporters to decrease the amount of time and money that is spent on band fundraising while increasing profits. We offer innovative new products and rewards so students, teachers, and parents are always enthusiastic about the program. We’re also very flexible, offering online sales as well as catalog sales so your out-of-town friends, family and alumni can also participate.


Our pasta products are healthy and have a wide appeal. We have fundraising products that appeal to everyone from sports fans to animal lovers to hunters. And with fundraising products such as our Fun Family Meal Ideas and Great Gifts, we have pasta products for every occasion.


Contact us today to find out more or to plan your next band fundraising campaign!


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Pride Band Boosters had a

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Mooresville Band sold

981 items and raised

more than $8400!


Arroyo Band Boosters earned

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