Scout fundraising ideas

Scout Fundraising

Fun Pasta for Scout Fundraisers

Scout Fundraising Ideas

Schools, clubs, sports and any other non-profit institutions and activities require funding to run smoothly. Scout programs in particular teach participants invaluable life skills including socialization, first aid, communication, leadership, responsibility, and more. To provide your scouts the best possible experience, it is often necessary to raise money for expenses that the basic membership dues don’t cover. When that’s the case, Fun Pasta Fundraising can make it easy and enjoyable for your scout troop to meet its fundraising goals!

How Fun Pasta Fundraising Can Help

Fun Pasta Fundraising offers an excellent way for scouts and their loved ones to raise money for their scouting group activities. Our business model is designed in such a way that kids and parents alike love to get involved.

Fun Pasta Fundraising offers high-quality pasta products in various types, sizes, shapes and assortments. Community-based groups like scouts are able to sell our products at a highly competitive price and still retain a profit range of 40-50 percent on all the sales made. Your supporters will absolutely love the delicious, fun and convenient nature of our easy-to-cook pasta products.


In fact, fundraisers selling Fun Pasta's products often buy some from themselves for themselves, their families, or their holiday gift list! That is what makes Fun Pasta Fundraising a great fundraising partner and an epic idea for scout troops. These products are easy to sell because everyone loves them!

Flexible and Profitable Scout Fundraising Ideas

If you would be interested in partnering with Fun Pasta Fundraising to raise funds for your scouting group, We make it easy to get started. You can choose from either the brochure or online fundraising sales programs, or a combination of both. The brochure sales programs are great for hustle-free direct selling of pasta products to regular community members and supporters.


For out-of-town friends, Fun Pasta Fundraising will provide links that generate web-page online sales for your specific scout group. These links are easy to share on all your favorite social media or through emails to generate even more sales without any effort!

And it really pays to choose us as your preferred fundraising company: All online sales attract a profit share of 40 percent. Sales generated through the colorful brochures attract a profit share of 40 percent for all sales below the 4,000 dollar mark and a profit share of 50 percent for sales totaling above 4,000 dollars. Additionally, groups that make really impressive sales either by selling in quick turnarounds or breaking sales records can earn bonuses.

Contact us today if you’d like more information about scout fundraisers using Fun Pasta Fundraising products, or if you’re ready to sign up!

Fun facts that everyone will smile about.


Cub Scout Pack 3796 sold

over $2500

to offset some group activities!


Cub Scout Pack 571 sold

1208 items

or over $9800 of pasta!


Boy Scout Troop A440 had

55% participation

and each seller averaged $189!