Fundraising ideas for Preschool and Daycare

Fundraising for Preschool and Daycare

Fun Pasta for Little Kids

Fun Daycare and Preschool Fundraising Ideas

Selling Fun Pasta Fundraising products is both fun and easy. There are shapes for all occasions, including pet themed pastas, sports themed pastas, and pastas for all of the different holiday seasons.


Not only are these pastas fun and easy to sell, they are also fun and easy to cook and can be used to help teach your little one about cooking. They will enjoy learning with such fun and exciting shapes as their favorite mascots, sports equipment, and their furry little friends.

Something for Everyone

In addition to all of the fun shaped pastas, there are other products available for purchase as well. We have gift sets to make full meals such as wintertime chili, chicken noodle soup, and a Christmas gift set with several Christmas shaped pasta products such as stockings, Christmas trees, and reindeer. We also sell various gourmet products, such as Vineyard Pasta Salad, Angel Hair Pasta Nests, and a delicious red sauce called Pastably the Best Sauce Ever!

Fun Pasta Fundraising has partnered with several different companies over the years, such as the Humane Society of the United States, the National Cheerleaders Association, Relay for Life, and others. It is a very versatile fundraiser that can be used by schools, bands, sports teams, church groups, professional organizations, and non-profits.

Easy Preschool or Daycare Fundraising Ideas

High school kids who are participating in a fundraiser can do a lot of the selling work themselves. With preschoolers or younger kids in a daycare or playgroup, that’s not as much of an option! That means that it’s very important to have fundraising products that parents are excited to sell to friends, family and coworkers.


With two different ways to sell, via brochure and online, it is convenient for kids and parents to sell door-to-door to friends and family close by and to those friends and family members who live out of town. For close friends and relatives, kids can show them the colorful and informative Fun Pasta brochures. For the out-of-towners, texting or emailing them a direct link to the online site is quick and easy.

Benefits of Working with a Professional Fundraising Company

The school, church group, or other organization benefits by receiving up to fifty percent of all the profits gained from student sales, and the student benefits, as well, with access to cash and prizes for top-selling students. The prizes range in value from fifty dollars to five hundred dollars and all groups who sell over $10,000 worth of Fun Pasta will be entered to win an additional $1,000 for the school.

There are two options for selling available to choose from. The first option is to sell via the brochure and the online website. With this method, the organization earns fifty percent (50%) of the profit from total brochure sales over $4,000. If your school or organization sells less than a total of $4,000 through the brochure sales, they will earn forty percent (40%) profit on their sales. All online sales through this method earn forty percent (40%) of the profits. Bonus cash and prizes will be awarded to high selling students, as well.

Option two for selling is the strictly online method of selling. With this method, your group can personalize its webpage template in any way it chooses. You can add a group picture and a background story about why your group is raising money. After the conclusion of the sales, a check for forty percent (40%) of the profits will be mailed to you. You can even remind your group's sellers to market your fundraiser by sharing the links on their social media accounts.

Selling Fun Pasta Fundraising products is enjoyable, easy, and rewarding. If you or your group or organization would like more information on preschool fundraising using our products, contact us today!


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