Dance team fundraising ideas

Dance Fundraising

Easy, Tasty Fundraising Idea for Dance Teams

When organizations create fundraising committees, committee members spend a lot of time trying to find easy fundraising ideas that result in successful ways to raise money. Fun Pasta Fundraising already has a great way for you to raise the funds your dance team needs, with both brochure and online sales options available to help you make the most of your fundraising campaign.

Innovative Fundraising Ideas

Dance team fundraising committees need to avoid predictable offerings to raise money. Forget about the usual magazine subscriptions and chocolate bars. Instead, consider more creative fundraising ideas that grab immediate attention. Our Fun Pasta Fundraising products are healthy as well as tasty, and appeal to just about everyone. They are a great way to raise funding for your school or hometown dance team, whether you need the funds for new uniforms, props, or travel to participate in competitions.

When your dance team’s patrons know that the purchase of a food product, such as pasta, is useful and a contribution to dance fundraising, patron sales soar. We offer a variety of pasta products for all kinds of occasions, such as:

  • Pasta geared toward specific sports teams, with the pasta shapes in the form of the team mascot and in the team’s colors! Customers love to buy these for tailgate parties.

  • Pasta with Personality® designed to appeal to cat lovers, dog lovers, runners, bicyclists, sports fans and more with whimsical pasta shapes.

  • Seasonal or holiday-themed pasta.

  • Fun Family Meals products including mac ‘n cheese, chili mixes, soup mixes and more.

  • Gift wrapped packaged products for holidays and special occasions. Promoting products that help patrons get an early start on their gift lists is a more personal way of ensuring return sales and sales in larger quantities.

Dance Fundraising Without the Hassle

Why reinvent the wheel? There’s no need to plan a dance team fundraising campaign from scratch when you can work with a successful fundraising company and sell products that everyone loves. Contact us today for more information or to sign up!


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