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When your cheerleading groups or dance teams need a financial boost to keep them in the game, turn to Fun Pasta Fundraising. We offer a much sought after line of products that people love to buy, and the opportunity for cheerleaders, teams, dancers, and their supporters to raise money for everything they need.

What Can Your Cheer Squad Do With the Funds You Raise?

Any type of organized sport or activity requires many things that cost money. If your cheer group is associated with a school district and you cheer primarily for games, things like uniforms and equipment may be provided. However, tight budgets always leave some of the fundraising up to the squad members themselves and their parents.

All the money you make with your booster activities can go toward newer, more attractive or comfortable uniforms, new types of pompoms, ribbons, or other props, travel money to attend competitions and special events, and even for refreshments at practice or end of the season parties. We help you raise the funds for whatever you need.

What are the Best Ways to Raise Money?

Teams and cheerleading squads have held fundraisers forever, but too many focus on products that no one really wants or which are ridiculously overpriced. With Fun Pasta Fundraising, people who want to support the cheer squad get delicious, healthy pasta with a fun kick. Family, friends, and other supportive people buy more when the product quality is high and the product is unique.

School fundraising ideas must match the reason you are fundraising in the first place. Pasta goes with everything, but pasta in fun sports shapes with school colors go even further! Give people something unique that reminds them of the reason for their purchase. This is the best way to raise money for your squad.

Why Choose Online Fundraising?

If you want to raise money for the things that make your cheerleading squad great, you need to make it as easy as possible for people to purchase. Most people buy things online these days from a home computer, laptop, or smartphone. Fun Pasta Fundraising provides a user-friendly web link with every fundraising package.

You can choose to raise money with a full-color brochure and online or from the websites alone. Just imagine how many more people you can get on board the cheer support bus if you can offer these fun pasta products to family, friends, alumni and other supporters across the country!

Fun Pasta for Your Cheerleading Fundraising Needs

Our fundraising company offers a large selection of dry pasta options. First of all, the fact that we sell pasta instead of magazine subscriptions, candy or knick-knacks is exciting. Almost everyone eats pasta, so it is an easy-sell product line. The bags of dry pasta are simple to transport if you hand deliver them to buyers, too. Unlike with pies or chocolate bars, you do not have to worry about warm weather melting the profits!

While pasta is great for many people, our company has special products that are perfect for cheerleaders and dance squads to sell in particular. Pasta shapes made especially for them!  Not only fun but we also use the highest quality ingredients available on the market. 100% Durum Wheat with no blending of flours and all natural vegetable powders for some color. Many cheerleaders eat a nutritious diet and want to encourage the same for their supporters.

Also, Fun Pasta offers cheerleader and sports team shaped pasta. The actual pasta itself comes in the shape of megaphones, pompoms, football helmets, and basketballs among other things. You can even offer "Collegiate" pasta that comes packaged specifically for fans of favorite college sports teams. The pasta is made in the shape of the logo or mascot and even made in the team's colors. What better way to spread school spirit and make some money in the process?

Other Fundraising Options Available

For community cheer squads or competitive cheer and dance teams not associated with a school at all, Fun Pasta Fundraising has plenty of non-collegiate pasta designs to choose from. Everyone you approach should be able to find something they love in our colorful brochure or on our easy-to-use e-commerce website.

Some pasta options include pasta in Halloween shapes, dollar bills, penguins, bicycles, paw prints for dog lovers, and hunter's pasta shapes. Kits for mac and cheese, chili, and soups are available, as are complete gift sets complete with attractive containers and sauce. Everyone from die-hard college sports fans to gourmet food aficionados can find something they love in this selection.

When fundraising time comes around again, don’t get stuck with the same old boring products that no one really wants to buy. Instead, raise more money for your cheerleading program, cheer team, or dance squad with Fun Pasta.

The wide variety of products, how well they fit in with the reason for fundraising, and the super-easy order brochure or online website system will make this fundraiser a win. Your squad members will be excited to sell our Fun Pasta Fundraising products, and you will be able to afford your new uniforms, travel expenses, or other important cheerleading gear in no time! Contact us today to find out more or sign up.


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