Fundraising ideas for your basketball team

Basketball Fundraising

Fun Pasta for Hoops

A Fun and Easy Way to Raise Money for Your Basketball Team

Basketball is a beloved sport that has been bringing people together for decades. It is also the perfect sport to help young people hone their athletic abilities and learn the value of teamwork -- while having lots of fun, of course!


But like almost everything worth doing, keeping a basketball team going takes money as well as time. Financial problems can often stop talented young individuals from being able to hone their abilities. Fortunately, Fun Pasta Fundraising has fun ways to help your basketball team reach its fundraising goals so your players can stay in the game.

Fundraising Tips for Basketball Teams

Fundraising for your basketball team can take place in a variety of ways, whether through a fundraising event or a sales campaign. Depending on how much you need to raise and in what amount of time, it can be a smart fundraising strategy to use a blend of different approaches -- such as concession stand sales, fundraising dinners and other forms of school fundraising.


Fun Pasta Fundraising is an ideal addition to this mix: With our many different pasta shapes, meal kits and other products, our catalog includes items that are both practical and whimsical. We offer basketball-shaped pasta that is perfect for serving at sports-themed parties, as well as pasta shaped like the mascots of various sports teams. There’s really something for everyone to like, which makes it easier for parents of young basketball stars to sell our products to coworkers and friends.

Basketball Team Fundraising Made Easy

Fun Pasta Fundraising products are ingenious, delicious, and made in the USA. With our online ordering process, your family and friends who live out of town can still help support your basketball team by ordering products that truly sell themselves. Our online tools make it easy for you to track how many sales were made by each player, keep track of orders and print reports so you’ll always know how close you are to reaching your basketball team’s fundraising goals.

Fun facts for the entire team.


Batavia Girls Basketball sold

almost $6000

with 90% participation!


Clare Girls Basketball’s top seller

sold $295!


Southern WV Xpress Basketball

averaged $149

per seller!