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Softball Fundraisers

Softball is a sport loved and played by people of all ages. There are community, church and school softball leagues for both men and women. The teams that play on these are usually either very self-sufficient or have a limited budget for their needs. This leaves finding the money to fill in the gaps to softball fundraisers that the teams and other volunteers organize.

Teams have many needs that the individual players are not able monetarily to meet without help from the community. There is equipment and uniforms to purchase, travel expenses for games that are out of town and fees for entering some tournaments. These expenses have to be met in one way or another.

If the team has a manager it is a good idea to have them appoint a fundraising committee. In the case of community and church leagues this could be family members of the players who are willing to donate their time to helping the team raise money. Schools often have their own committees or parent organizations that are called on to help with fundraisers.

These committees are charged with the task of determining how much money the team needs for the season and then to find ways of soliciting that money from the community through softball fundraisers. The committee is also responsible for accurate record keeping of money collected and money spent so that the team will have a true reflection of its budget when they need to make purchases.

Softball fundraisers should be planned with two things in mind, the community that will be the target of the fundraiser and the ages of the volunteers who will be working the fundraiser. These are important considerations for a successful fundraiser. For example, young softball players would not be good candidates for working at a carnival without the help of their parents. On the other hand, a senior softball team might not be the best fit for a lollipop candy sale. It is the committee's task to make sure the fundraiser fits the people involved in it.

The community that is going to be the target of the fundraiser is another important consideration. If the team is going to have a candy sale then the target should be younger people or even simply sold from the concession stand. If, however, the team is going to sell a product that is targeted to families and is commonly used in most homes, the fundraiser will be more successful.

An example of a product that fits this description is pasta and Fun Pasta offers a pasta campaign that can be used as a softball fundraiser. Fun Pasta is a catalog that offers over two hundred different shapes of pasta for customers to purchase. This is a fundraiser that is perfect for practically everyone in the community to participate in. Additionally, the team members can be any age. There are no products to carry around, the catalogs are simply circulated among friends and family or even sent through email using the template Fun Pasta provides.

If the committee wants to have a larger event that offers something for everyone in the town and is both fun and profitable, a festival is one of the softball fundraisers that fits the bill. This event requires more organizing and volunteers than many of the other fundraisers but is also often an event that the community looks forward to every year.

Pasta sales, candy sales, festivals and more, these are all ideas for softball fundraisers that appointed committees can use to raise money for softball teams who are falling short in their funds. Each one has its own uniqueness and it is up to fundraising committees to determine which one best fits the team's needs at any given time.