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Giant Steps Lisle, Illinois

We are excited to be partnering with FUN PASTA FUNDRAISING! Shop now and order some creative, delicious pasta goodies. It's simple, and you'll love the selection - great for any special occasion or just for yourself!

With each sale, our group earns 40% which helps us reach our fundraising goal.

Plus you get FREE shipping over $50!

Thanks for your help! Your order will be shipped from Nashville, TN within 3-5 days.

Recent Sales & Noodle Notes

Date Customer Amount Supporting Notes
02/17/2017 Elke Jurca $26.00 Giant Steps
02/17/2017 Jeanene $27.00 Giant Steps
02/17/2017 Becky $19.50 Giant Steps Love these!!
02/18/2017 Leslie $35.50 The Whole Group Yum!
02/19/2017 Christina Healy $20.00 Giant Steps
02/19/2017 Jess Rocco $65.00 Giant Steps Supporting Giant Steps from Nashville, TN!
02/19/2017 Todd & Tina Vitek $32.50 Giant Steps Love to Erik Pearson!
02/20/2017 Kathy Lannert $29.00 Giant Steps Erik Pearson--hope you enjoy prom and your days at Giant Steps.
02/21/2017 Julie Zajac $110.00 The Whole Group
02/21/2017 Nancy Seebeck $20.00 The Whole Group Meredith Powers, I love supporting your school, and these products look like fun to try.
02/21/2017 richard czop $13.00 Giant Steps I visited Giant Steps a few years ago. Great place for the kids and such a dedicated staff!!
02/21/2017 Kristin Arquilla $54.00 The Whole Group
02/22/2017 Hannah Love $43.00 Giant Steps
02/22/2017 Pam Love $66.00 Giant Steps Support for all you do....everyday!
02/22/2017 Susan Laing $19.50 Giant Steps Love from Wisconsin!
02/22/2017 Shannon Bridge $53.50 Giant Steps
02/22/2017 Ashley Gruetzmacher $53.00 Giant Steps Thanks to Hannah Love for sending me this link, my kids are going to love all the new pasta shapes!
02/22/2017 Susan Camberis $33.50 Giant Steps TY Katherine Manetas for sharing the link to the Giant Steps fundraiser with Fun Pasta! I hope it's a huge success. I can't wait to receive the order we just placed!!
02/23/2017 Sylvia Smith $59.50 Giant Steps It is great to support Giant Steps!
02/23/2017 Joy Lazzara $26.00 Giant Steps
02/23/2017 Amanda $22.50 Giant Steps
02/28/2017 Rebecca Harris $52.50 Giant Steps
03/01/2017 LynnZee Debnar $143.00 The Whole Group
03/01/2017 Karen Bottiani $54.50 Giant Steps Thank you for the most unique fund raiser ever! We're pleased to help you reach your goal.
03/01/2017 Carol Cleary $56.00 Giant Steps Thank you Hannah Love!
03/01/2017 Jackie & Marty Koranda $53.50 Giant Steps
03/01/2017 Debby Fosdick $23.50 Giant Steps You are a wonderful school.
03/03/2017 Lisa Ewers $59.50 Giant Steps
03/03/2017 Ellen and Jeff Gluskin $26.00 Giant Steps We admire your effort, love and devotion to the students at Giant Steps.
03/04/2017 Sue Sullivan $54.00 Giant Steps Good luck with fund raising Dan Kobs!
03/04/2017 Cialoni Family $28.50 Giant Steps What a great fundraiser, Dan Kobs!
03/04/2017 Becky Joy Kristula $51.50 Giant Steps
03/04/2017 Glenna Sullivan $23.00 Giant Steps Best of luck! Can't wait til prom season for Dan and all his friends!
03/04/2017 Peter Scannell $37.50 Giant Steps Go GS Gators!
03/04/2017 Tracy J Metz $51.50 The Whole Group
03/05/2017 Melissa Hennessy $27.00 Giant Steps Best wishes!
03/05/2017 Mary Sullivan $32.00 The Whole Group
03/08/2017 Rhea L. $27.00 Giant Steps Supporting Giant Steps and all they have done for DeAngelo & family! :)
03/08/2017 Michael $13.00 Giant Steps Keep up the great work, Karen!
03/10/2017 Leslie Dorsey $32.00 Giant Steps
03/11/2017 Peggy Jenders $26.00 Giant Steps
03/12/2017 Karen $19.50 Giant Steps
03/13/2017 Giselle Tapia $50.50 Giant Steps Thank you so much for all you do for our kids.
03/13/2017 Sarah Ghazi $22.50 Giant Steps
03/14/2017 Joan Kobs $53.50 The Whole Group
03/16/2017 Elizabeth Kuchta $43.50 Giant Steps Go Gators!
03/16/2017 Amy Mccauley $39.00 Giant Steps
03/16/2017 Diane Hafner $51.00 Giant Steps
03/19/2017 Rebecca Decleene $32.00 Giant Steps
03/20/2017 Kathryn Preeding $103.50 Giant Steps
03/20/2017 Alice Henderson $50.00 Giant Steps Always happy to help Erik Laubach! Thank you for asking!
03/21/2017 Lori Diviero $59.00 Giant Steps
03/21/2017 Maureen Laubach $54.50 Giant Steps
03/25/2017 Gretchen Mann $56.00 Giant Steps
03/28/2017 R $68.50 Giant Steps
03/30/2017 Fitzgerald Family $29.00 The Whole Group
04/13/2017 John Sunderman $275.00 Giant Steps GO TAPIA FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!