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School Fundraising

School fundraising presents its own special challenges. The fundraiser need to be a project that children of all ages can participate in without being a burden on the parents, even though most parents will help out regardless. It also needs to be something that makes money easily and the product should be something that buyers will actually want, not something they buy simply because it is a school fundraiser.

Enter Fun Pasta, the fundraiser that is the perfect way for schools to make money. From elementary schools raising money for field trips to colleges and universities raising money for their sports teams, Fun Pasta is the ideal fit.

Fun Pasta's fundraising program combines pasta, a staple in the majority of households, with a simple selling process to create a fundraiser that yields 40 to 50% profits. Fun Pasta's wide variety of shapes, including sports, animals and holiday shapes, their unique pasta kits complete with seasonings and their gift packages, come together to create and array of products that simply sell themselves.

Parents will be particularly happy not to have boxes of products brought home and left in their care to sell. Utilizing brochures and an online catalogue, young children and young adults can offer Fun Pasta without having to carry around the products. This takes the pressure off both the children and the potential purchaser.

Potential customers can even include family and friends virtually anywhere in the world. Students can email their friends and family the brochure or a link to the website and have them send back their orders. It is as simple as that. No other school fundraising project operates with such simplicity. Products are not sent to the students for delivery until after they are ordered. What is even better is that deliveries to out of town friends and family can be done directly from Fun Pasta - they drop ship if necessary.

Teachers and school leaders will no doubt love the ease of setting up the Fun Pasta program. Utilizing the Fun Pasta website, project leaders can set up their accounts and have Fun Pasta handle the rest. The school will receive all the tools necessary for creating a successful campaign, including brochures and product samples.

Fun Pasta goes beyond simply supplying brochures, they also send templates for letters that students can customize to use for their email letters. Cheerleading teams might focus on the sports shapes while younger children might focus on holiday shapes. The fun in Fun Pasta is easy to see as students create their own campaign. Fun Pasta even supplies prizes based on sales level. Everyone knows nothing motivates more than the chances of winning prizes.

Teachers will also like Fun Pasta's online tool that calculates profits up front. This gives them the opportunity to set goals for their students. Using Fun Pasta's Easy Dozens calculator tells the leaders how many dozen each student needs to sell to reach various goals.

Fun Pasta also makes ordering easy on the project leader. All orders are placed online and shipped directly from Fun Pasta to the school. Any out of town orders can be shipped directly to the customer. Online ordering also makes it easy to track sales and profits.

Reaching goals with Fun Pasta is made even simpler with Fun Pasta's price points. Customers will be surprised to find pasta and pasta kits in the $6.50 to $7.50 price range with pasta gift sets at $11.00. Students will find that they sell more products with prices that do not break their customers' wallets and with a product that people will actually use.

Fun Pasta is a fun, easy fundraising project that students and parents will be participate in happily. The best part is that while the students are having fun selling pasta they are also raising money for their school.

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